Olin Barnes has made the largest recovery in his grade that I have ever witnessed.  He was out of school for several weeks, and upon his return managed to bring his grade from a 5% to a solid A.  I’m very proud of Olin for his perseverance.  Thank you!

Submitted by Ira Sutherland







Lexie Perkins is an exceptional example of first year student and has the work ethic and skills to continue on a journey to bilingualism. She wants to know more than just the basics. She always pushes and motivates herself to even understand the most nuanced piece of the Spanish language. Her competitive spirit and good sense of humor also add to the classroom each day and she is a role model for other students that hard work and determination in a challenging subject pays off over time.

Submitted by Travis Ruhter






Linda Gomez-Perez has made great strides during her senior year.  Linda’s positive attitude, clear focus, and overall efforts to achieve are admirable.  It’s great to have Linda as a Monarch.  She will do wonderful things in her future!

Submitted by Phil Suek







Edvin Vicente works really hard in Biology!

Submitted by Kathryn Navarro-Miller








Emily Rahier has had a strong start to her high school career.  She has excellent attendance and puts in a lot of hard work in all of her classes.  Emily is also a fantastic artist.  She has been a great addition to Mark Morris High School.

Submitted by Aaron Volk







Kevin  Wilbur consistently demonstrates a positive attitude and quality effort.  He also shows higher level thinking ability in his analysis of primary sources in United States History.

Submitted by Mark Patrick







Sydney Jacobs leads everyday with her hard work and dedication to succeed.  Sydney comes to class prepared, with the previous night’s homework completed, ready to check her understanding.  Although Sydney is very quiet and reserved, she still manages to help out her fellow group members that may be struggling to make connections during the learning process.  Her consistent efforts in the classroom make her an outstanding example for other learners in the classroom.

Submitted by Rebecca Shaw






Lanna Ruiz  is an outstanding trumpet player. She has grown leaps and bounds this year in her playing. A true indicator of this is that she will be attending the State Solo and Ensemble Contest with her trumpet quartet in April. I also appreciate her great attitude and how she strives to be a better player all the time. Her enthusiasm for my classes and her ambition motivate me!

Submitted by Regan Huffman






Izzy Kennedy has demonstrated an outstanding work ethic and attitude. He performs at a very high level and is highly self motivated. Izzy is in the top 2% in the United States for the Fitness Gram and is always pursuing excellence in his performance.

Submitted by Bill Bakamus







Ian Robinson follows directions to the letter. If he is assigned a task, he remembers to do it every day without anyone having to push him. He is a quiet, diligent worker who helps the library at Mark Morris run smoothly. He tackles things nobody else wants to and does them carefully and efficiently.

Submitted by Lisa Sudar







Marley Anderson is a 2 time National DECA competitor and placed 2nd in the State for Community Service Program. She also ran the Adopt a Family Christmas Program for the school which took a family of 11 and earned over $1800 for the family.  Marley is also the Senior Class President, 2017.

Submitted by Greg McCormick







Libby Bartleson demonstrates a generous attitude toward supporting Art club events, in addition to maintaining good attendance and consistently producing quality work. Her contributions to the school and classroom are valued.


Submitted by Vivian Pointer

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