Maggie Higgins has been a model of consistent performance in English 12 all year long. She routinely gives excellent participation in class discussions, her work shows insight and attention to detail, and most importantly, she really engages with the literature we read. I know I can always count on Maggie to do an excellent job.

Submitted by Chris Coffee






Tyler Kooiman has stepped up and completed his assignments above and beyond the requirements. He submitted some of his work to competition which showed initiative. He is showing strong progress, has a great work ethic, and has a positive attitude.

Submitted by Breanna Hauer






Emily Hill sets a continuous example on what it means to be a focused and dedicated singer. Her quiet leadership and everyday focus is one of the many reasons why I nominated her for student on the month for choir. Her contribution to the soprano section is much appreciated and her love of singing shines through daily. Emily sings in the MMHS auditioned advanced choir. Congratulations Emily!

Submitted by Billy Buhl





Will Stephens has come a long way from the first class he took a year ago.  After the first day he wanted to transfer because he was too tired but he stuck it out and has really begun to enjoy swimming and working hard to become better.

Submitted by Lori Clark






Melaina Hayes demonstrates a high level of responsibility, motivation and patience. She arrives to class prepared with her materials and is eager to learn Spanish. Melaina is rather quiet but easy going. She is an exemplary Spanish I student.

Submitted by Lucy Alejandro






Noah Flores has been a member of the leadership class for the past three years. His personal charisma and big heart are two of his best qualities. His vision for what leadership is has always been larger than just the next event. The past two years he has served on the AWSL board and worked with others from around the state to impact student across all of Washington. His sense of humor is always a welcome addition and his enthusiasm when he is fired up is without match. I am very proud of the work he has done and the person that he is.

Submitted by Travis Ruhter




Peyton Williamson is a hard worker and positive contributor not only in class but also in the halls and at lunches. Peyton treats others with respect and is consistently providing an example of what a good student does in and out of the classroom.

Submitted by Brooks Cooper






Elian Quezada works very hard to complete his work and follow directions. He has made a lot of progress this year with his social skills and is a good friend to all of his classmates. He has a great sense of humor.

Submitted by Pam Henson






Caleb Treichel is a hard working young man with a good personality. Caleb always comes to class prepared and asks good questions when he gets stuck. Caleb puts in his best effort every day and is an integral member of our classroom community.

Submitted by Margaret Forslund






Cole Busch has had the highest test average in Honors Physical Science.  He also makes excellent contributions to class discussions, demonstrating deep insight into natural processes.

Submitted by Stephen Powell







AnnaJade Stephenson is very meticulous and persistent. She is a great example of a student who is taking control of her learning and always putting forth her best effort. A.J. always has her homework complete and works through the process of correcting it. If she misses some problems, she makes sure to go back and rework them until she gets them correct. She is also always willing to help those around if they need it and is great at explaining concepts to others.

Submitted by Pam Clark





Kody Dahlman impressed me beyond words with one of the best Human Rights Presentations in CWP. Her depth and breadth of research and strong presentation skills illustrated what kind of quality producer she really is. Additionally, Kody handled a very difficult topic with both sensitivity and candor. I am proud of what she accomplished. Well done!

Submitted by Steve Kloke

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