Case Longtain perseveres and problem solves until he has achieved the answer.  He learns to understand and then applies those concepts to different situations.  Case has earned Microsoft Certifications in both Word Expert and Excel Expert. His learning mindset and willingness to work hard is why he is a successful learner! Case will definitely be an excellent employee because of his commitment to succeed, great work ethic, and special ability to work with all types of people.

Submitted by Jocelyn Schauer





Rylli Whitney has been an outstanding level 2 Spanish student all year. Her ability to comprehend and manipulate the language is exceptional. In class she always pushes for understanding concepts clearly and not just for getting an answer correct on an exam. She is also helpful with her peers when they need a little extra help. Her conscientious attitude and work ethic are two of her best assets in this course.

Submitted by Travis Ruhter






Erin Kordenat has been an outstanding Clerical Aid in the Career Center. She manages our Career Center PowerPoint and helps keep our scholarship files up-to-date.  She is helpful and courteous when dealing with staff members and other students.  Erin has been a great addition to 1st period in the Career Center.

Submitted by Elaine Peters






Brooklyn Smith does an excellent job in AP US History.  She consistently produces quality work.  I appreciate the effort she displays.

Submitted by Kim Ulman








Alexis Saiz has done a tremendous job in English this year.  She is a quiet, thoughtful person who takes a great deal of personal pride in her work.  It is a pleasure to have her in class.  Great job Alexis!

Submitted by Ryan Smith






Rosemary Sarabia is a rarity in the high school ceramics classroom; from day one and right out of the gate she was incredibly creative in her ideas and execution in clay.  As Rosemary learned about the challenges of the medium she always persevered and used cracks, breaks and/or changes to turn her work into something compelling-that is a sign of a serious artist.  In a large classroom Rosemary showed flexibility and an appreciation of what it means to be a part of a studio environment-she unfailing kept her area clean and cheerfully kept up other areas of the room, never complaining.  I’m anticipating some great things from this young lady in her senior year.  Yay Rosemary!

                                                        Submitted by Deb Robasky



Ryan Knapp is an active member of the Mark Morris Tech Club.  On three separate occasions Ryan has been instrumental in setting up and tearing down technology equipment that was used at outside athletic events.  Having sound systems available for these outside events enhanced the overall atmosphere of the events and was well received by participants and spectators.

Submitted by Robert Blackman





Zach Grau has brought a positive attitude and a good sense of humor to his classes.  Zach’s attendance is solid and he accepts challenges.  Zach has a good work ethic and I look forward to working with him while he is here at Mark Morris.

Submitted by Aaron Volk






Serenity Foster is a role model among her peers in class and is always willing to help. From first to second semester, she has improved immensely and has taken ownership of her learning. Serenity exhibits perseverance in math and works hard to do her best. She has a mindset and attitude that will continue to help her succeed.

Submitted by Jill Isaacson





Timur Berishev has been an extremely hard worker. His attitude and enthusiasm have been contagious.  He always gives 100% and loves physical education.

Submitted by Bill Bakamus






Grace Huhta currently has earned the highest percentage of points in Mrs. Princehouse’s Physical Science classes.  Grace always completes her homework, turns in complete, well-done labs, and achieves high test scores.  She in engaged in learning, and has a positive attitude and a quick smile.

Submitted by Lauren Princehouse





Brooke Keithley is an excellent flute player. She has had many solos this year and has worked really hard to play them well. I love her “never give up attitude” and admire her work ethic. We are lucky to have her in our band.

Submitted by Regan Huffman






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