Marena Araujo has started off her senior year with confidence and a willingness to step forward and be a leader.  Her presence in the student leadership class and energetic co-hosting of the Fall Sports Assembly show her potential to do great things in the future.  Well done, Marena!

Submitted by Mr. Suek





Zack Butler is a junior.  He learned to swim in my beginning class as a freshman, progressed in his swimming in the swim conditioning class last year and is now in the Lifeguard Training class. He is also on the Water Polo Team and Swim Team.

Submitted by Mrs. Clark






KaytLynn Croy is a responsible, motivated and hard working student! I admire KaytLynn’s dedication to learning and her determination to accomplish anything she sets her mind to. In addition to excellence in the classroom, she is a great leader among her peers and is always willing to help and ask questions.

Submitted by Ms. Isaacson





Jennifer Rodrigues-Palomera is a first year student the choir program at Mark Morris and she is already a great role model for her peers. She always comes to class with a smile and positive attitude. Her strong work ethic, great voice, and fantastic ability to stay focused during rehearsal is why she was selected as choir student of the month.

Submitted by Mr. Buhl





Briana Barron has started off the year doing great work in biology.  All of her assignmentS have been done on time and done well.  Her notebook looks beautiful and she did well on her first biology test.

Submitted by Mrs. Langlois







Kenniya Mullen is a hard working, friendly student. She has shown great initiative by helping other students whenever she sees that there is a need. Kenniya always has a positive attitude and has been a great addition to our classroom.

Submitted by Mrs. Henson






Candelaria Vasquez-Lopez has gone above and beyond in my class to produce quality work, and in acting as a Spanish translator for a peer. She takes the extra time to translate each lesson into Spanish, all the while keeping up with her own work, without asking for anything in return for this extra effort. She is a very polite and pleasant human being deserving of recognition.


Submitted by Ms. Pointer




Brennen Ditto-Wasson has been chosen because of his willingness to try new tasks and his attention to detail in all things library. He is great at shelving books and can always be found making the library a better place. He is a wonderful addition to our library.

Submitted by Lisa Sudar






Sam Peltola consistently demonstrates a positive attitude, willingness to learn and excels in collaboration. She exemplified these qualities in the past month; as our class worked on their first project Sam and her group utilized their time wisely, approached challenges with a proactive and caring mindset. Their tutorial videos were fantastic and informative. Muchas gracias a Sam, Morgan y Madelyn Mejia!

Submitted by Mrs. Alejandro





Alex Davis has demonstrated both incredible talent for CADD as well as a willingness to help others in a meaningful way. When he finishes a task he helps the people around him with his hands off the keyboard so they can go through the motions of the activity as well. Alex is curious and willing to try new and inventive solutions, and persistent when he is tasked with a challenge outside his scope of knowledge. He is a valued member of the CADD community.

Submitted by Ms. Forslund




Angelina Barnes currently has the highest grade percentage in Honors English 10.  Angelina has consistently earned high scores on frequent vocabulary and reading quizzes, which speaks highly of her preparation and work ethic.  Angelina also behaves maturely, treats her classmates with respect, demonstrates intellectual curiosity, and participates in classroom discussions.

Submitted by Mr. Rooklidge





Alen Cordilione is the type of student who pursues understanding. He does not merely attempt to get the job done, but asks questions in order to fit the little pieces together into a larger whole. Recently he has taken the initiative to develop a new Debate Club here at Mark Morris. In sum, Alen is an exemplary student because he affords the time it takes to question learning, instead of simply regurgitating it.

Submitted by Mr. Williams

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