Jewell Barnes is a level 3 student, who works diligently to consistently improve her levels of Spanish. She puts in the time necessary to improve and never stops learning. Her work is always of the highest quality; demonstrating the best effort. She is also helpful when others need assistance, and has already given multiple hours to tutor level 1 students.

Submitted by Travis Ruhter






Kirstyn McGregor showed great compassion and character in supporting another student in a genuine and selfless way. Kirstyn went above and beyond the call of a Monarch through her act of kindness. She has shown she is responsible, caring, and a positive member of the Monarch family.

Submitted by Brooks Cooper







Aurora Schoonover strives to understand concepts in United States History.  She demonstrates a good attitude and good effort consistently.

Submitted by Mark Patrick








Elli Kilgore is an outstanding Clerical Aid in the Career Center. She is dependable and skilled, as well as helpful and courteous when dealing with staff members and other students.  She keeps our scholarship information files up-to-date and is always ready to help with any project.  Elli has been a great addition to the Career Center. Thanks, Elli!

Submitted by Elaine Peters






Raegan Bischoff came to MM with less experience on her flute than the other students. She works really hard at her music and has played two outstanding tests. I admire her drive and “never give up” attitude. She inspires me.

Submitted by Regan Huffman







Lucinda (Cindy) Sieler has earned the highest grade in both Ms. Princehouse’s Physical Science classes.  Cindy exhibits excellent behavior, always completes her assignments, and asks good questions to clarify material.  She is a great example of what it means to be a Monarch.

Submitted by Lauren Princehouse







Samantha Jones is a hard worker and works well with others. She shows pride in her work and takes the time to get the right shots.

Submitted by Breanna Hauer








Nick Pollack demonstrated a strong work ethic and positive attitude in physical education class. He is disciplined in his approach, energetic, enthusiastic and always gives 100%. He does a great job as a leader in the class and is highly self motivated.

Submitted by Bill Bakamus







Joana Rojas-Lopez is a great example of a growth mindset.  She shows a great deal of determination to be successful in mathematics despite some challenges with the language.  She seeks help from other students and teachers.  She never says she can’t do a math problem, but rather how will she get it done.  She always offers to help other students who struggle and tries to do whatever the teacher suggests. A fantastic student.

Submitted by Jerry Forsman






Miguel Reyes has a creative mind and a taste for creative writing. He often wants to stay after class for a minute or two to ask quality, thoughtful questions about whatever we are reading. His curiosity and desire to understand texts at a deeper level make him a great example in the classroom when a student response is needed.

Submitted by Zac Phelps






Megan Bodin has made great progress on her personal goals. She is a caring member of our classroom community. She watches out for everyone and takes an interest in their personal lives. She is a great friend who includes everyone. The world needs more Megans in it.

Submitted by Kathie Faul







Rosemary Sarabia has developed excellent Accounting skills that she could use to be an Accountant, bookkeeper, or business owner.   Having a learning mindset and excellent work ethic is the reason she is such a successful learner; she focuses on learning the “why”! She is always willing to assist other students so they can also learn. Rosemary will definitely be an excellent employee because of her commitment to succeed, attention to detail, and great work ethic.

Submitted by Jocelyn Schauer

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