Emma Chang has been a top-notch student in my Humanities class this year. Yes, she completes all her work on time and to a high standard of excellence, which is wonderful. More importantly, however, she engages herself completely and passionately in the subject matter in a way that reflects curiosity, open-mindedness, and genuine interest in whatever we are studying. This passion for learning manifests itself in assignments and class contributions that reveal both a deep knowledge of the subject and a love for learning and the arts that is admirable.

Submitted by Mr. Coffee






Dawson Dang: Athletically, Dawson participates at a high level in water polo and swimming. He is a hard worker who leads by example and by encouragement. Academically, Dawson excels due to his work ethic and conscientiousness.

Submitted by Mr. Blackman







Brenden Pope struggled as an incoming freshman, but has made an effort to use the tools provided to him in my class. He proved to himself and me that he can be successful in high school as evidenced by his most recent test, which was an 89%!

Submitted by Ms. Lambert







Sarah Sanchez is in my 5th period ASL class. She came into my class a little later than the rest of them, but lost no time in getting caught up. She’s now one of my leading students in fluency and enthusiasm. Even on her roughest days she always comes in with a smile on her face and encourages everyone around her. Often when we come across a challenging aspect of ASL she’s the one who’ll keep the entire class positive.


Submitted by Mrs. DeGraaf




CTE (Health)

Josie Boultinghouse’s enthusiasm and work ethic for the subject is greatly appreciated. She works hard to stay on top of current topics and isn’t afraid to participate in class discussions. Her positive attitude, personality and smile bring enjoyment to our class. She is also a positive role model. For these reasons, Josie is worthy of receiving the student of the month award for Health.

Submitted by Mrs. Kloke






Antonio DaSilva has jumped right into leadership as a freshman with a positive, helpful attitude. He is eager to learn and puts strong effort into everything he does. We hear great things from his other teachers so we feel he is representing leadership well. Plus his smile is contagious!

Submitted by Ms. Beck







Tyeson Gamble is an exemplary student in Ceramics I.  His natural abilities with conceptualizing an idea in clay and recognizing the lessons learned in the process speaks of an advanced level student and not a beginner.   What particularly impresses is Tyeson’s questioning:  he continually inquires on techniques and outcomes in construction and glazing and uses any information to experiment and better his process in creating unique and well-crafted art work.

Submitted by Mrs. Robasky






Emma Johnson currently has the highest grade in Honors Physical Science and tied for the highest score on this month’s states of matter test.  She also makes excellent contributions to class discussions.

Submitted by Mr. Powell







Alexis Troy is a student genuinely interested in current events happening around the world. She asks probing questions and always participates in classroom discussions. Her essays reflect a depth of critical thinking and analysis that reflects her disciplined thinking.

Submitted by Mr. Tilton







Kathleen West is in her first year of weight training and she is already out working most everyone in the class.  She just broke the freshman girl’s squat record with a 225 pound one rep lift!!!  She is great leader and has an outstanding work ethic!

Submitted by Mr. Perkins







Marlen Angulo has brought a great attitude and work ethic since starting here at Mark Morris.  She has wonderful attendance and she is a positive influence on her peers.  While Marlen has a quiet demeanor, her effort and dedication speak loudly.  She is off to a fantastic start as a Monarch.

Submitted by Mr. Volk







Natasha Chapman-Pearce possesses all of the traits of a high performing student. She is a hard worker, disciplined, organized and exhibits an attitude of care and concern for her learning. I admire this young lady because she is intelligent, but also because she is a person of integrity. I applaud her efforts and look forward to seeing her reach her potential. Well done Natasha!

Submitted by Mr. Kloke

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