Tea Garcia has been chosen for Student of the Month for Mathematics. Tea has made great strides academically. She is a great example of a student who is taking control of her learning and putting forth her best effort. Tea always has her homework complete and works through the process of correcting it. If she misses some problems, she makes sure to go back and rework them until she gets them correct. She is also always respectful in class and willing to help those around her if they need it. I am so proud of Tea and growth she has shown as both a student and individual.

Submitted by Pam Clark



Gabe Slind does an excellent job in AP US History.  He produces quality work, actively participates in class discussions, and is a true pleasure to have in class.

Submitted by Kim Ulman






Ashley Arledge is a remarkable physical education student. She demonstrates a high level of energy, enthusiasm and determination in all of the class activities. Highly self motivated, her positive attitude and behavior make her an inspiration to her fellow classmates.  Her favorite day by far is “Bakamus Fun Day”!

Submitted by Bill Bakamus





Aurora Schoonover’s focus, enthusiasm and adventuresome spirit is a rarity in the beginning clay classroom.  Every project she designs and creates exemplifies the high standards she sets for herself daily.  Her determination is infectious and inspiring and sets a wonderful example for everyone in her “clay” orbit.

Submitted by Deb Robasky





Emma Johnson was selected by peers and Mrs. Alejandro for being responsible, respectful and gaining fluency in Spanish. Emma is an exceptional student because she works hard, enjoys the process of learning and assists others. Muchas gracias!

Submitted by Lucy Alejandro






Kalina Makaiwi has been one of the top performers among all English 12 students throughout the school year. She has consistently showed disciplined academic habits, doing excellent work and being consistently ahead of schedule. When she’s hit difficulties, she has persevered and asked questions in order to take ownership of her learning. I appreciate her hard work and responsibility.

Submitted by Chris Coffee





Amaya Busby-Frey is music (band) student of the month.  Amaya always has a great attitude, works really hard and is fun to be around.  I really appreciate her work ethic.  Amaya plays percussion in Concert Band and always gives 100%.  She is a great person in every way.

Submitted by Regan Huffman






Brandon Hall is a CTE student in Dream Design Build.   Brandon shows up to class on time every day with a desire to work and help others. He is always willing to set his project aside to help, teach and lead fellow students. Brandon continues to improve skills and expresses goals to continue in CTE courses and as a career after high school. Brandon is a valuable member of the CTE community.

Submitted by Sam Kell





Jeremy Snyder has found a great niche for himself as an actor.  His infectious display of emotion during drama performances is delightful to watch.  Jeremy’s performance at the recent Madrigal Dinner was (once again) spot on!

Submitted by Phil Suek







Ariana Tucker has been working hard to make up the missing assignments and knowledge from the beginning of the semester, while at the same time working hard on getting all the new work and Information.

Submitted by David Moser






Kaya Cardenas, although very quiet, always knows what’s going on in class, and often has something not only relevant, but profound to say about the subject that we are studying.  I enjoy having Kaya in my English class.

Submitted by Morgen Smith






Olivia Flores is the library’s Student of the Month. Olivia’s creative talents and boundless energy are wonderful for creating displays and signs. She channels her talents into brightening the library and reaching out to patrons and co-workers alike. She is an avid reader and loves to talk books. Olivia provides a respite of brightness during the dark days of winter.

Submitted by Lisa Sudar