Guadalupe Candia earned an A- in Ms. Princehouse’s Physical Science class, a tough class with a high failure rate.  She quietly does her job and learns the material.  Her work is typically on time and well done.  Her behavior in class is impeccable.  She is a great role model for other Monarchs.

Submitted by Lauren Princehouse







Lanna Ruiz is a third year Spanish student. When she started Spanish 2 her skills were not the strongest, but she has worked diligently to consistently improve them.  Despite a few setbacks, she didn’t give up and recently achieved her highest letter grade in the course. She will also continue to grow her understanding as she travels to Spain this March.

Submitted by Travis Ruhter






Kindra Eubanks has been a great help as a Clerical Aid in the Career Center. She gets our day off right with messages sent, notes posted and errands run. She is always ready to take on a new project and can be counted on to complete it accurately and on time. She looks for ways to help students and staff alike. Thanks for all you do help the Career Center run smoothly.

Submitted by Elaine Peters






Owen Bradford is a strong contribution to the choir program. Bradford sings in both Chamber Choir and After Hours. His ability to sing confidently and work hard is one of the many reasons why he is student of the month for Choir.

Submitted by Billy Buhl







Angela Ruiz is an exemplary human being, willing to assist other students and the teacher, always producing quality work, and always showing up with a smile.


Submitted by Vivian Pointer






Josh Leach is in Math Analysis, which is not a graduation requirement, but he is dedicated nonetheless. In first semester Josh had perfect attendance in math and he always worked hard. He came in outside of class time and worked hard on anything that was challenging for him. He is always a joy to have in class, especially when he does his Kermit the Frog voice.

Submitted by Diondra Beck






Luke Divine is working hard on his personal goals and making a lot of progress.  He has done a great job in all of his classes and he is respectful to all of his teachers.

Submitted by Chuck Fleming







Riley Rawson took 1st place in the AREA 9 DECA Competition last month as she serves as AREA 9 DECA President. She has helped the new DECA chapter at Stevenson High School. Lastly, she was nominated for MMHS Kings Court.

Submitted by Greg McCormick







Kaitlyn Hylton has been in my swim conditioning class since September. She hasn’t missed any classes, she works very hard, and has improved significantly. She has been a joy to have in class.


Submitted by Lori Clark






Grace Huhta is student of the month for English. She does a wonderful job on all of her work and she is happy to help others near her. She understands the importance of citations and the delicate nuances of poetry.  She is a rock in her English class that can always be counted on for a solid understanding of the lesson at hand.

Submitted by Betsy Brown






Toby Larson is a model Monarch with his consistent and positive behavior. Toby is always on time, polite, ready to work, and mindful of others. Toby works hard and takes on new challenges as he continues through his high school experience.

Submitted by Brooks Cooper







Adam Burckhardt is an articulate, well-spoken and curious young man. He exemplifies what it means to be a scholar and has proved himself to be a very engaging and disciplined student. I admire his academic leadership in an honors level class. Well done!

Submitted by Steve Kloke