Jasmine Dohms stands out because she gets the job done to the best of her ability EVERY TIME! Her character can best be summed up with an example from class. She was placed in a group that seriously underperformed through absences and laziness…Instead of throwing in the towel herself, or whining and tattling on others for their lack of effort (which would have been understandable in her circumstance), she kept on keeping on. She finished the project and continued to encourage her group members to contribute during the presentation.

Submitted by Charles Williams






Shane Engstrom is a caring student who works very hard. He does his best to be respectful to all of his peers and teachers as well. He is one of the first to volunteer when an extra job needs to be done around the classroom.

Submitted by Pam Henson







Cody Weber for student of the month.  He works diligently in photo and produces some outstanding work. He works well with others and is a friendly and pleasant student in class.

Submitted by Breanna Hauer







Lillian Fuhrman, currently, has the highest-grade percentage in Sophomore English.  She completes all her assignments, scores well on tests and quizzes, participates well in discussions contributing insightful thoughts, behaves maturely, and treats others well by showing respect at all times.  In all respects, she is a positive contributor to the class.

Submitted by Steve Rooklidge






Ashely Jousma is hard working team player who is willing to do the extra time needed to meet deadlines. Ashley is flexible and willing to help others, assisting new students and answer questions. She is on task, motivated and has a bright future in filmmaking.

Submitted by Margaret Forslund







Emma Anderson was nominated because she is an incredibly hard working student. Emma is a dedicated, focused and considerate Spanish student. She has been in my class for two years, it has been a pleasure to see her grow foreign language learner. Her efforts are greatly appreciated!

Submitted by Lucia Alejandro







Jasmine Hoadley has been really paying attention in class and is prepared to get started when the  bell rings. She has also works well on assignments with her classmates. She asks questions when she needs clarification. She has a great attitude!

Submitted by SueDean Langlois







Leslie Yan demonstrates a high aptitude in the area of mathematics.  She is a polite, cheerful and pleasant student.  Leslie has a strong sense of responsibility and desire to learn, as demonstrated by her perfect attendance this semester.  She is helpful and attentive towards her fellow classmates, and it is a privilege to be her math teacher this year.

Submitted by Rebecca Shaw






Kameron Werner is in all the bands AND Jazz Choir where he plays the drum set.  Kameron is not only an awesome player but someone who always has a great attitude.  When issues arise, Kameron doesn’t get discouraged and tries to work out the problems. He is a leader in band simply by his actions.  I really appreciate him!

Submitted by Regan Huffman







Scout Wilson is an outstanding young lady.  She has a great work ethic and is always trying to improve herself.  She is always competing with herself or if we are playing a game she is playing to win.

Submitted by Scout Wilson







Emma Jewell is the Library Student of the Month. Emma is a voracious reader and is the top “checkout” with over 40 books checked out first semester. She comes to the library every morning to look for new reading material and she returns her books in good shape and on time. Emma embodies the phrase, “In order to succeed, you must read!”

Submitted by Lisa Sudar






Daniel He has exhibited a tremendous amount of personal and academic maturity. I cannot think of another student in 6th period who has taken responsibility for their academics more seriously. I appreciate his effort and the respect he has shown to me and his classmates. Well done!!

Submitted by Steve Kloke