Isaiah Parker has made huge strides as a student at Mark Morris.  Isaiah has a dry sense of humor and a friendly nature.  He is a mature, well-spoken young man who is on the path to a positive future.

Submitted by Phil Suek







Nashovi Dachtler: To be successful in Ceramics a student needs to be willing to push themselves and try new techniques and experimentation beyond what is demonstrated by the instructor.  This curiosity and the strong work ethic that goes along with it has been demonstrated by Nashovi in Ceramics II this semester.  Nashovi is focused in class and often asks questions that speak of confidence and a maturity in working with clay.

Submitted by Debra Robasky






Braden Foultner demonstrates a positive attitude and good effort consistently.  He also shows outstanding analytical thinking about events in United States History.

Submitted by Mark Patrick







Mikayla Taylor consistently produces quality work and was one of the many who earned her Microsoft Certification in Word.  As an FBLA member, she won 1st place at the Southwest Regional Conference by spending many hours creating an E-Business website.  Placing at Regionals, Mikayla earned the opportunity to compete at the State FBLA Conference in Bellevue.  Presenting her E-Business website, she has developed those soft skills required in any career by utilizing skills, hard work, and perseverance.

Submitted by Jocelyn Schauer






McKenna Desbiens has been working hard on personal goals and building friendships. She is supportive of her classmates and cheers them on. She has an amazing sense of humor that spreads too!

Submitted by Kathie Faul







Ian Perry is showing immense growth in choir. His willingness to dig in and sing out really makes him a budding leader in the choir program. His enthusiasm for singing is seen every day.

Submitted by Billy Buhl







Cali Kangas is a top notch physical education performer. She is bright and attacks each day with a great amount of energy and enthusiasm. She is extremely physically fit and is willing to do all activities with maximum effort.

Submitted by Bill Bakamus








AnnaJade Stephenson is very diligent about her work. She cares about not just getting it done, but doing it right. She also helps her fellow students and keeps a positive attitude.

Submitted by Diondra Beck







Caleb Thayer currently has the highest grade in Honors-level Physical Science.  He scored 100% on this month’s test on nuclear physics.  Caleb also makes good contributions to classroom discussions.

Submitted by Stephen Powell







Cassie Catlin is average when it comes to grades in math, but she has an A+ in commitment to learning.  Cassie is a good example of what it takes to be a good student.  She works hard to always complete her homework, check it for correctness and correct her mistakes each day.  Math doesn’t come easy for her, but she continues to do her best.  She works with other students to seek their help and to give them help.  She works through her difficulties in math and practices a Growth mindset.  She should be very proud of her hard work and dedication to learning.

Submitted by Jerry Forsman






Savannah Dominiak is the kind of student that works well with very little instruction. I can always count on her get her assignments done on time and have work that I can use as an example for other students. She demonstrates active learning everyday in class and is going to be a great writer.

Submitted by Zach Phelps







Bogdan Malavrazic is a foreign exchange student from Montenegro who has wonderfully adjusted to all things American, especially speaking English. Bogdan interacts with his peer group at Mark Morris in a dignified and mature manner. He has used this experience to learn more about the United States, but also to share about his home country and culture. He has definitely earned the respect of the faculty and students at Mark Morris High School.

Submitted by Steve Kloke