Lane Williams is the perfect demonstration of leadership by quiet example.  Every day, despite temptations by friends to visit or slack off, Lane gets to work immediately on assignments and homework. Daily he has a kind word to say to staff and peers and has an awesome sense of humor.  He offers to help others when they need it and he is a great self advocate! In addition, he is goal driven!  He sees the light at the end of the tunnel for graduation and to a future job and he lets nothing get in his way of success …and he did all this while wrestling and going to state!

Submitted by Tony Vegh






Easton Henson had no idea how to swim when he started my class but has diligently applied himself. He has gone from barely being able to complete a length of the pool to being a very competent swimmer with one of the best times for the 300 in his class.  We are looking forward to having him try the triathlon this spring.

Submitted by Lori Clark


Mariah Roseman is an exemplary student, who puts 110% into each assignment that she is tasked with completing.  Her writing shows a lot of promise, as her organizational skills have improved rapidly during her freshman year at Mark Morris.  Furthermore, Mariah is always positive during class time and excels while collaborating with others.  Thank you.

Submitted by Ira Sutherland






Travis Hutton is doing an amazing job on improvised solos in Jazz Band.  They are interesting, correctly executed and in tempo.  I enjoy listening to the creative ideas he expresses through his solos.  Travis also plays well in Symphonic Band.  He works hard to understand music and likes to go beyond ideas covered in class.  He is an outstanding musician.

Submitted by Regan Huffman






Gaebreall Douglas has been working hard in Biology, has been actively participating in discussion and in general made huge improvements in his academic dedication in comparison to earlier in the year.

Submitted by Kathryn Miller







Thea Holen is a joy to have in class. Thea is a foreign exchange student from Norway, she brings energy, fun, and a different perspective regarding world problems. She represents her nation, family, school community, extremely well. Great job Thea!

Submitted by Sam Tilton







Chandler Byman has one of the best work ethics I have seen in a student. He exhibits integrity, perseverance, responsibility, quality of craft- all this, and he is an employee of Fred Meyer as well. He is an exemplar of his generation.

Submitted by Vivian Pointer







Reise Dunivin, as a freshman, has struggled to get on top of her classes. At semester, I asked if she wanted to try Algebra Seminar. She agreed, and hasn’t looked back! She uses the class to stay on top of her Algebra homework and now boasts a high A in Algebra 1. She has learned to be self-driven, checking her homework and making corrections to increase her learning. So proud of Reise!

Submitted by Kris Lambert






Jacob Maurer is a senior and excels in Construction Trades and Manufacturing. He consistently produces quality work and works till the end of the bell. He leads by example and isn’t afraid to take on new challenges. He is enrolled in Perry Tech for the next step in his educational career.

Submitted by Sam Kell







Khloe Weitman is a standout student who is committed to her academics and has been a positive addition to the Mark Morris student body. Recently Khloe was faced with a tough situation and she did the right thing showing her character and Monarch pride. She has proven to her peers that she is a stand up person.

Submitted by Brooks Cooper







Jordan Miller has been a great help as a Clerical Aid in the Career Center. He delivers messages, runs errands, and helps with the Pride Pantry.  He keeps the Aspire to Achieve forms stocked and helps students find the forms they need.  Thanks for all you do to help the Career Center run smoothly.

Submitted by Elaine Peters







Derek Jurmu is ready to move on to the next phase of life. He is anxious to put his knowledge and skills to use in the real world. Contemporary World Problems has probably not been the most exciting way to end his school day, but he has shown a consistency in his effort, attitude and quality of work. Finally, I hope that Derek realizes that he possesses all of the qualities needed to be a leader-the question now is, what kind of leader will he be? Hang in there for 6 more weeks!! J

Submitted by Steve Kloke