Lucinda Galindo approaches the clay with seriousness tempered with an appreciation and respect for the medium and all its quirks and challenges. In addition, her sunny disposition and helpful attitude gives me the confidence that, if needed, she can assist others.   Lucinda’s infectious curiosity and enthusiasm is very welcome in the Ceramics I studio this year and I look forward to witnessing her creative growth and process.

Submitted by Mrs. Robasky






Poetry Douglas has exhibited the attributes of a conscientious, determined and curious student. She is excelling in CWP because of her commitment to consistent attendance and a strong work ethic. I am very proud of the changes Poetry has made which has put her in a position to be successful in CWP. Thank you for your efforts and the kindness you have shown to others. Keep it up!!

Submitted by Mr. Kloke






Teylor Martin-Forney has dramatically improved his behavior and his focus. He has shown his teachers a desire to learn and has been a positive impact on many of his peers. Teylor is very enjoyable to work with and I look forward to his success here at Mark Morris.

Submitted by Mr. Cooper







Mariyah Dore has continued to demonstrate an immense amount of growth in her skills and thoughtfulness as a leader. She has done a masterful job facilitating every group that she has been in charge of this year.  She also presented an excellent small group workshop at the state conference for the second time. Mariyah always goes above and beyond in all she does. She is an outstanding example of a servant leader, and is a young woman that anyone can look up to for outstanding character. Mariyah is also serving as ASB Vice-President.

Submitted by Mr. Ruhter






Sydney Wood is a third year swimmer, but she started as a total non-swimmer. She has battled illness that has caused her to miss many days of school but she has stuck with the swimming and not given up. She is now an accomplished swimmer, has gained much confidence and becoming more healthy. I enjoyed having her in class!

Submitted by Mrs. L. Clark






Cyann Lillevold is a positive and uplifting person.  She works with determination and perseverance to make sense of the mathematics each and every day.  She is an excellent example of student who can self-advocate for herself.  She is a learner with a growth mindset and encourages her peers to be the same.  Teachers appreciate a hard working student like Cyann.

Submitted by Mr. Forsman





MUSIC (Band)

Hailey Davis is a freshman and she has worked really hard to meet all of the new expectations for high school band.  She has a great attitude about pep band and worked really hard during marching season.  Marching can be very difficult and confusing for a beginner but she always gave her best and expected the same from students around her.  Knowing there are new students in my program with great attitudes like Hailey’s really make coming to work enjoyable.  Thank you, Hailey!

Submitted by Mrs. Huffman






Brooklyn Boudreau is an exemplary student in the Spanish I. In the past month, she has demonstrated great commitment in balancing her extracurricular activities and school. In the classroom, Brooklyn puts effort in participating in class discussions, assisting others as needed and producing high quality work. ¡Muchas gracias!

Submitted by Mrs. Alejandro







Kellen Mendez has had a positive impact in his classes in the brief time that he has been here at Mark Morris. He continues to have great attendance and a solid work ethic. Kellen is polite and demonstrates kindness to the staff and his peers alike. Kellen shows an excitement for learning and he is going to do well here over the next four years.

Submitted by Mr. Volk






Husenia Gomez Cifuentes has shown extraordinary growth in English that can only be matched by her effort and determination to succeed. Her optimism for learning and desire to overcome obstacles keeps her persevering. For these qualities she deserves the utmost respect, and student of the month in English.

Submitted by Mrs. Brown







Gavin Gribble is an 11th grade student from Manufacturing and Dream Design Build. He has become a leader and focused on hard work and completing projects to help both the school and students. He is patient and willing to help other students as needed. He has a unique approach and great sense of humor. This year he has been a valuable asset to the shops at MM.

Submitted by Mr. Kell






Adam Nixon currently has the top overall grade in honors-level Physical Science.  He also had the top score on the Measurement Test.  Adam makes excellent contributions to classroom discussions and is a diligent worker.

Submitted by Mr. Powell