Aleydis Matiaz has been struggling in Science, but has worked hard to catch up by coming in after school to get help and retake a test. Nice job!

Submitted by Mr. Moser








Ethan West is a fourth year Spanish student in AP. Despite several language deficits when he started advanced course work, he has disciplined himself and worked hard to improve. He never gives up, is extremely responsible, and has no fear to push himself to improve his skills. He is on track to pass the AP Spanish exam with his work ethic, and is an excellent example as to why you should never give up in a challenging course.

Submitted by Mr. Ruhter






Zach Kangas has excelled as one of my top students in senior English all year long. He has gone about his work in a quiet, business-like manner, always making consistent progress toward his academic goals. He has displayed strong academic writing and analytical thinking skills in all of his assignments. Furthermore, he has showed perseverance in working in working through an injury that kept him out of school for a week and has made some of his work more difficult. Keep it up, Zach!

Submitted by Mr. Coffee







Erica Snyder displays leadership consistently and daily while in the choir room. She works extremely hard and is always encouraging to everyone around her. She is a joy to have in the classroom and is consistently striving to improve her musicianship and singing!

Submitted by Mr. Buhl






Conner Spenker has a great work ethic and has seen good gains in all his maxes this year. Keep it up!

Submitted by Mr. Perkins








Jenny Johnson has done a tremendous amount of work as the lead member of the ASB committee in charge of student services. She has done a great job setting up the new Student Resource Center and has a true heart of a Monarch. Bravo!

Submitted by Mr. Mitchell







Jaden Williams demonstrates responsibility and attentiveness on a regular basis.  He also works hard to understand issues in United States History.

Submitted by Mr. Patrick








Joseph Brombach has overcame a lot in his time at Mark Morris and has grown into quite a Monarch. He is a good friend to his classmates and an exemplary student. He is a pleasure to work with and always greets us with a smile.

Submitted by Mrs. Faul







Melaina Hayes is the student of the month for Library. Melaina is a natural at library skills such as shelving and organizing, as well as having an artistic flair when designing the hall display case. Her attention to detail and follow-through on any task that she is given make her invaluable to all things library!

Submitted by Mrs. Sudar







Johanna Clark is an extremely hard worker and enjoys being challenged in the classroom. She sets highs expectations for herself and is determined to achieve them. She puts in the extra effort to re-take tests to master the material. Not only does she set high standards for herself, but for her peers also. She enjoys helping her classmates understand the content and wants them to do well. Keep up the good work Johanna!

Submitted by Mrs. Lane






Andrew Wilson demonstrates excellence in academic rigor, peer support, and integrity of character within the classroom.

Submitted by Ms. Pointer








Kendal Griffith is a very polite and good-natured student. She uses class time wisely and is a good self-advocate. Kendal has made great improvements as a student and continues to strive for excellence. She also works well with other students in her class offering help when they don’t understand something. She is a good role model in Seminar class. Keep up the great effort Kendal!

Submitted by Mrs. Kloke