Natalie Ramos has been a great help as a Clerical Aid in the Career Center.  She helped organize forty bags of groceries which were sent home with students for Winter Break.  She was also involved in designing the Career Center door for the decorating contest.  Natalie is helpful and courteous when dealing with staff members and other students. Thanks, Natalie!

Submitted by Mrs. Peters






Noah Mejia has demonstrated tremendous character and on a daily basis has modeled what it means to be a good teammate.  He has natural leadership abilities and younger students view him rightfully so, as a positive role model.

Submitted by Mr. Blackman







Samantha Jones is a dedicated band member who can always be counted on by the band.  Sam takes on extra jobs to make sure that we are successful at our performances.  She is a talented trumpet player and always gives 100%.  We really appreciate you, Sam!

Submitted by Mrs. Huffman







Zoey Shine takes to heart every lesson she is given. She has learned that showing her work and checking her answers is the key to success. She not only adopted those practices, she often works ahead and asks questions when other students are happy just to be finished. Zoey is a perfect example of a freshman learning to take charge of her education.

Submitted by Ms. Lambert






Baylee Carrico demonstrates that hard work gets results. Not only is she willing to put the extra time in required to complete all her assignments, but she also goes the extra mile to secure an understanding of complex material. She simply does not quit, and that is a great character trait.

Submitted by Mr. Williams







Gabe Torres is a hard working student and is very willing to help his classmates with more difficult tasks. He often volunteers to work with students who are sometimes difficult.

Submitted by Mrs. Henson







Joshua Martinez is a reliable, consistent student that can always be depended on. His work serves as a great example for other students to learn from and he is helpful to his peers in group work. When the rest of the class is stuck, I know that I can count on Joshua to help us out and keep us moving forward. He cares about his grades and about being a winner in the classroom.

Submitted by Mr. Phelps






Sebastion Brown is a hard working self-directed student. He is highly self-motivated and pushes himself to be successful. He has a solid work ethic and his attitude is outstanding.

Submitted by Mr. Bakamus






CTE (Design, Dream, Build)

David Rodriguez comes to class early each morning, ready to work. He spends class exploring new ideas, creating quality work, and helping his peers. David is a creative team player and is always fun to work with.

Submitted by Ms. Forslund







Antonio DaSilva is taking Honors Biology this year.  He started out pretty much with study and work skills similar to my regular biology students.  This semester I have seen a steady improvement. Today I can say that Antonio has the skills and drive of an Honors student.  His assignments are high quality and his participation in class discussions is good. He is good at higher order thinking. It has been fun for me to see Antonio emerge as a skilled student.

Submitted by Mrs. Langlois






Caleb Thayer has shown strong work ethic, time management, and works well with his fellow classmates.  Caleb works hard to be above just the requirements and turns in thoughtful work with his photography. He is taking what he has learned and is applying it in his work and the use of his camera.

Submitted by Ms. Hauer







Brayden Harris has performed admirably in CWP Honors. His keen interest in history and current events has made him naturally curious about the important issues of the day. Also, he has exhibited great leadership in class by being a consistent and productive participator. The work he has produced this semester is evidence of well-developed critical thinking skills. Keep it up!

Submitted by Mr. Kloke