Jewel Barnes has been made a major impact on our school this year in her role as ASB President. She has been involved in all aspects of student life and leads her peers in kind, purposeful, and passionate way. I had the opportunity to observe her running the weekly ASB meeting and was impressed by the professionalism, personal connection, and business oriented meeting. Jewel makes us all better, she is a model Monarch.

Submitted by Mr. Mitchell






Natalia Breeden plays tenor sax in both Jazz Band and Symphonic Band and is only a freshman.  She works really hard at her parts and has amazing sound and technique.  The entire Jazz Band voted for her to be the soloist at our upcoming festival after she competed against several other older musicians.  She is an incredible musician and has a lot of potential.

Submitted by Mrs. Huffman






Sonny Harris III is working hard at mastering the Accounting concepts. When it doesn’t come easy for him, he looks back over the lesson to try to figure it out. Sonny has an attitude to learn. He comes in for extra help, redoes assignments, corrects his mistakes, and focuses on the details. Sonny succeeds because he chooses to do his best.

Submitted by Ms. Schauer






Ashley Smith nicely embodies the Renaissance mindset: she is eager to learn new things in a variety of disciplines with an appreciation of how they are all connected. I see this in the way Ashley questions and participates in discussion. Is see it in her preparedness, and in the care she takes to produce quality work.

Submitted by Ms. Pointer







Carson Allen in weight training has an outstanding work ethic and is always striving to improve.  Also, he just set the freshman record in the pacer with 129 laps!!!!

Submitted by Mr. Perkins







Katie Sovel has been chosen for Student of the Month for Mathematics. Katie is a great example of a student who is taking control of her learning and putting forth her best effort. Katie works hard to have her homework complete and works through the process of correcting it. In her Freshman Math Seminar class, she is a leader by example. She uses her time wisely and if she misses some problems, she makes sure to go back and rework them until she gets them correct. She is also always respectful in class and willing to help those around her if they need it.

Submitted by Mrs. P. Clark






Heather Kern is a real asset in the library. She has an eye for detail and understands how the library works. She asks to clarify tasks and then takes them on with enthusiasm. She is helpful and has a good sense of humor.

Submitted by Mrs. Sudar







Alen Cordilione is deeply committed to history. His love of the subject spills over every time the class has a discussion, debate etc. Alen is able to recall information and add to virtually every discussion we have in class. He wants to be a history teacher as well!

Submitted by Mr. Tilton







Brooklynn Smith scored a perfect score at the AREA 9 DECA and qualified for the State DECA Competition. She is a 4 year Marketing Student and has attended State 3 times for DECA. She is the volleyball captain, has been the KLOG Student of the Month all the while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. She will be attending WSU next year.

Submitted by Mr. McCormick






Cole Harvel has done an excellent job of thoughtfully considering the material in AP Literature.  His pleasant personality, along with his intellectual curiosity, makes him a real pleasure to have in class.  Great job Cole.

Submitted by Mr. Smith







Paige Lawrence has exhibited a “can do” attitude this year. She has been challenged by her coursework, but has not once complained-always showing determination and commitment. Paige has worked cooperatively with her peers and used advocacy skills when confronted with a problem. Way to go Paige, I am proud of you!

Submitted by Mr. Kloke







Sam Dawkins has risen to the challenge of CWP-Honors. I am very impressed with his oral expression in class discussions as well as written thought on class assignments. I believe Sam sees the relevance and value of understanding history and current events. He is an informed citizen and future voter. Nice work!

Submitted by Mr. Kloke