Rosemary Magana-Herrera has been a great help as a Clerical Aid in the Career Center. She keeps our mornings running smoothly with messages delivered, notes posted and errands run.  She is always ready to take on a new project and can be counted on to complete it accurately and on time.  She looks for ways to help students and staff alike.  Thanks for all you do help the Career Center run smoothly.

Submitted by Mrs. Peters






Ferran Johnson does an excellent job in US History 2.  The class she is in can be a bit challenging at times for a variety of reasons.  She has been able to deal with all of the distractions in a mature manner and has excelled.  I greatly appreciate having her in class.

Submitted by Mr. Ulman







Skyler McCoy is an exceptional student in Spanish 2. He does more than just simply complete his work, but rather thinks well beyond what is expected and is incredibly creative with the language. He asks deep questions to understand differences in the language, and isn’t afraid to practice conversation. Also, his humor is always appreciated. He is well on his way to becoming bilingual.

Submitted by Mr. Ruhter






Timur Berishev is a highly motivated junior who excels at Physical Education.  He is self-motivated and pushes himself for peak performance. His enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious to his fellow classmates.

Submitted by Mr. Bakamus







Emily Huffman has turned out to be one of my best students.  She is the most improved student I’ve had all year.  In the two semesters that I’ve gotten to know Emily she has pulled her grade up by almost 40 %.  I am very proud of her progress and I believe that she represents what it takes to be a true Monarch.

Submitted by Mr. Sutherland







Adrianna Taormina works hard in Geometry and through this hard work she has improved her skills since first semester. She keeps her notebook up to date and uses it as a resource, she asks questions for clarification, and she checks her work in a constant effort to improve. This perseverance and work ethic makes Adi my choice for Math Student of the Month.

Submitted by Ms. Beck






Johanna Clark is selected for student of the month due to her strong leadership and work ethic in Treble Choir. Johanna exhibits daily a strong and confident voice, an amazing worth ethic, and a kind personality that is infectious throughout the rest of the ensemble.

Submitted by Mr. Buhl







Mayra Matias-Hernandez has one of the highest grades in Chemistry, and continually completes well-done, prompt work.  She strives to understand the content thoroughly and integrate it into her prior knowledge.  Mayra is pleasant and helpful to other students, and is a great team player. Keep up the good work!

Submitted by Ms. Princehouse







Greggory E. Trukken in the CTE – Trades and Industry arena, has proven to be a natural leader with the ability to motivate his fellow classmates. He consistently accomplishes high quality work and takes pride in his accomplishments. With these demonstrated attributes, his future is bright – so bright, he may need Ray Bans!

Submitted by Mr. Lam






Leslie Yan, in Digital Design, does amazing work and goes beyond what is expected of her on her assignments. She works well with others and has learned some new skills independently to enhance her designs. Leslie is on task and pushes herself to do better and enhance her work.

Submitted by Ms. Hauer







Lakota Kramer in all of his school endeavors and all of his interactions Lakota is conscientious and considerate.  He is reliable and a hard-worker. He has excelled in several different areas and in several different roles. Through his actions, Lakota is a person that staff rely on.

Submitted by Mr. Blackman







Blake Johnson has grown his skills exponentially this school year.  He is involved with his classes more than he has ever been and is getting out in the building in his chair.  He takes pride in growing his independence and taking ownership of his mobility.

Submitted by Mr. Fleming