Brayden Harris has continued to show leadership through his interactions with his peers including those who he may not know. I see him saying hi to students of all ages and he brings a spirited and welcoming attitude to Mark Morris. He is positive, driven, and an example of what a Monarch is both in and out of the classroom.

Submitted by Mr. Cooper







Colter Workman-Hall has quietly put together an outstanding year in his 2nd period class.  He is consistent in both his work ethic and his attendance.  He accepts challenges and self-advocates when necessary.  Colter’s hard work and attitude have been an asset in our classroom.

Submitted by Mr. Volk







Michael Lessley has shown tremendous improvement over the course of this school year.  He is responsible and self-disciplined.  He also has shown the ability to analyze issues in United States History.

Submitted by Mr. Patrick







Jasmine Hoadley from my Body Sculpting class. She comes to class with a great attitude and works hard. She never complains and embraces the soreness that comes with a hard workout.

Submitted by Lori Clark







Steven Lenzi is always ready to work and help others, he rarely misses school and takes pride in learning to do the task the right way. He is always ready to teach his skills to others and does it with great detail and patience for new learners. Steve is a student who can be trusted to complete all tasks. He also has a great sense of humor and desire to keep learning new skills crafts and hobbies.

Submitted by Mr. Kell






Brianna Johnson had the highest score on the Nuclear Physics Test in Honors Physical Science.  Brianna also makes excellent contributions to classroom discussions and completes all of her assignments on time.

Submitted by Mr. Powell







Brianna Johnson is an impressive student; she is conscientious, responsible and hardworking. Also, her positive energy and attitude are contagious. Briana plans to continue taking Spanish classes and travel abroad with our group Spring Break 2020. Muchas gracias

Submitted by Mr. Alejandro







Travis Hutton plays alto and soprano sax.  He has also helped out in the percussion sections in both Symphonic, Concert and Jazz Band(s). He takes lessons on both alto sax and percussion.  He has recently joined the Lower Columbia College Jazz Ensemble as a junior at MM.  His love and appreciation for music is contagious and motivating.

Submitted by Mrs. Huffman






Trevor Knee is a hard-working and thoughtful student.  He is always helping his peers with the mathematics and collaborates well with others.  He is a dedicated and disciplined learner who participates regularly in classroom discussion.  His character and persistence makes all those around him better too.

Submitted by Mr. Forsman







Josh Robinson has an aptitude for all things library and performs his tasks with enthusiasm. He is helpful to anyone who comes in and is an asset to the Mark Morris Library.

Submitted by Mrs. Sudar







Lucinda Sieler – Cindy has been consistently strong in her English class all year, and has set an excellent example for her peers. She is dedicated to doing her best on papers and projects. She uses her inquiry skills to insure she does not stay confused, and is quick to help clarify things for her peers as well.

Submitted by Mrs. Brown







Cody Schreier has proven to be one of the most creative students in Ceramics this year. Cody consistently takes project criteria and runs with it to create unique clay work that is not just enjoyable to look at but thought-provoking as well. Cody doesn’t wait for prompts to work-instead he can be counted on to be exuberantly working on assignments, experimenting on the potter’s wheel or creating something new and unexpected.

Submitted by Mrs. Robasky