Angela Ponkratov is an outstanding person.  She has a great work ethic and always has a smile on her face.  She has improved every week and is a real leader in the classroom.

Submitted by Mr. Perkins







Brandon Cook transferred into my class at the beginning of 2nd semester. He had a slow start to the semester, but he gathered steam as the course progressed and ended up being one of the most consistent participants as we read our final novel. He showed excellent knowledge of the book Siddhartha and turned in quality work. Way to finish strong!

Submitted by Mr. Coffee






Kianna Misenar is creative, thoughtful, has flawless execution, and has great follow through. A Monarch in every measure.

Submitted by Ms. Pointer







Taylor Wilkinson has been a stellar math student all year. From day one she has been responsible for her homework, working problems in front of the class, and in general, just being a nice person. If all my students were like Taylor, more people would become math teachers!!

Submitted by Ms. Lambert







Steve Lenzi has really developed into a fine young man. His attitude, behavior, and participation in class demonstrate a considerable amount of growth. He is a great example of what a Monarch can become!!

Submitted by Mr. Tilton







Zeth Anderson is a team player who supports his classmates. He works hard and stays focused even when those around him don’t make good choices. His sense of humor really makes my day.

Submitted by Mrs. Faul







Hallie Earnest did a great job working on and setting up the Lip Dub event. Her vision and leadership in celebrating the entire school, clubs, and activities was a tremendous success.

Submitted by Mr. Mitchell







Melany Manzano-Tellez is a caring, studious student that has made great strides in the classroom. She participates in class, asks questions when things don’t make sense and assists fellow students in need. She is polite and contributes positively to the class every day. I appreciate the positive attitude and look forward to the great things she will accomplish in her future at Mark Morris. Thank you Melany for being a great role model!

Submitted by Mrs. Kloke






Anthony Garcia has done an excellent job of becoming a biology student.  He is organized, uses his class time well, and demonstrates his understanding of biology.  Anthony often uses extra time to help other students with their understanding of the concepts, completion of notebook activities, and organization.

Submitted by Mrs. Langlois







Nathan Naillon is a first year choir program student and he has been outstanding. His musicianship and leadership is displayed daily at an incredible level. He is a strong asset to the tenor section and Chamber Choir as a whole, and a hard-working student. He motivates all others around him to be their best, both musically and otherwise.

Submitted by Mr. Buhl






Hallie Earnest is a second year leadership student. Her heart to serve others is only matched by her big ideas. Recently, she took a giant risk to pull together the entire school in a unity project. Although there have been a few hiccups along the way, she has stayed committed and has learned much along the way.

Submitted by Mr. Ruhter







Evelin Rodriguez-Palomera is a year four student. She has consistently completed all of her requirements and projects with excellence, and has been a pleasure to have in class. She has also been helpful to others to help them grow in their abilities and their understanding of Latina culture.

Submitted by Mr. Ruhter