Caleb Buck has been one of the best Counselor assistants we have ever had.  He is intelligent, honest, confidential and has a relentless work ethic.  When asked to complete a task you can be assured it will be done in a timely fashion and be done correctly.  He is a senior that will shine in any endeavor or school he chooses to attend.  We hope to clone him for future generations to enjoy as his quick wit and charm have won us all over.  We love our Caleb!!

Submitted by Mr. Johnson






Elise Aguirre is a phenomenal student and peer; she is diligent, honest, kind and puts forth her best effort in everything she does. It is a pleasure to have a student of such high caliber in Spanish Two. ¡Muchas gracias!

Submitted by Mrs. Alejandro







Felix Alvarez-Pascual is at the pool early every morning, he is working hard at his swimming skills and has improved quite a lot. In addition, he is very helpful and will take on any task asked of him or he will ask what he can do.

Submitted by Mrs. Clark







Troiseanna Gaddis is the student of the month for AVID. Troiseanna is challenging herself this year with an honors class and a zero period class, and she is keeping her grades up in all her classes! She is making an effort to keep herself organized and focus on her school work because she knows her goals and what she has to do to get there.

Submitted by Mrs. Volk






Brynna Swain has been very studious with her English work earning her a perfect score thus far in the class. Her attitude and demeanor are a true asset to our class discussions. Brynna’s organizational skills cannot be beat.

Submitted by Mrs. Brown







Nathan Swain is off to a solid start in AP U.S. History.  Nathan has exhibited a natural curiosity about historical concepts and events, all the while developing his analysis skills through written assignments. Additionally, I appreciate his willingness to participate in class discussions or in small group formats.  Nice work, Nathan!  Keep it up!

Submitted by Mr. Kloke






Dennis Mihai-Lazar has been an excellent student in the Math Analysis classroom.  His efforts to be successful have been paying off.  He works very hard to complete his homework every night.  He reaches out to others for help when he needs it.  He is willing to help his fellow classmates when they ask.  Above all, he takes a risk every once in a while to participate in class with answers to the teacher’s questions, or to ask a question about the lesson.  Dennis’ efforts are exactly what all good students should be doing to be successful in any class.  Keep up the solid learning.

Submitted by Mr. Forsman






Ailah Yaple is the student of the month for band.  I really appreciate Ailah’s positive approach to everything we are doing in class.  Right now we are spending a lot of time on marching.  She works really hard at it and can even say she enjoys it.  It’s fun to work with someone who has a good attitude about doing something difficult.

Submitted by Mrs. Huffman







Isabella Merzoian – The September Science Department Student of the Month is Isabella Merzoian.   Isabella has scored 100% on her quizzes in Honors-level Physical Science.  She makes excellent contributions to class discussions, completes all of her assignments and has a strong interest in the subject matter.

Submitted by Mr. Powell







Riley Weaver has shown a lot of growth in his short time here at Mark Morris.  Riley has excellent attendance and he has started to shine in his Algebra Class.  Riley has a good sense of humor and I look forward to working with him over the next three (plus) years.

Submitted by Mr. Volk







Arina Bulat – Occasionally early in the semester a student of Ceramics will show exemplary skills in craftsmanship.  Arina Bulat is one of those students.  Arina’s great attention to detail is matched by her curiosity and willingness to help in the studio.  She is appreciated and will no doubt create amazing artwork in clay!

Submitted by Ms. Robasky








Tyler Kooiman is a first year leadership student who has gone all in. He has stepped up numerous times to take on new and challenging talks and is not afraid to lend a hand. He was also selected this summer to represent Mount Triumph Leadership Camp as part of the Senate Youth scholarship competition. He will be competing for a spot to travel to Washington DC and receive a $10,000 scholarship.

Submitted by Mr. Ruhter





CTE (Pre-Apprenticeship Program)

Cameron Mansker is a second year Pre-apprenticeship student and 4 year shop student. He always lends helping hands around the school and will take on all tough and dirty jobs. He is kind and well-mannered while harnessing a great sense of humor. He is always willing to except feedback and admit his mistakes. He is a positive leader and a great Monarch.

Submitted by Mr. Kell