Antonio DaSilva – Antonio is a third year Spanish student, who continues to demonstrate consistent growth and effort in his second language. Recently, he performed better than many level four students’ assessments, and always seeks to engage with others in Spanish, rather than default to English. Antonio is well on his way to becoming bilingual, and he is a joy to have in class.

Submitted by Mr. Ruhter






Chastin Murders has broken 3 personal lifting records this past week, increasing his bench press by 30 pounds and his power cleans by 4 pounds!!! Great job Murders, also he has been good leader in the weight room.

Submitted by Mr. Perkins







Aleydis Matiaz – Aleydis’s work ethic, positive attitude, and a willingness to learn from her mistakes are reasons why I chose her for Student of the Month. She asks clarifying questions, keeps a detailed and color- coded notebook, and helps others in her group daily. She is a joy to be around!

Submitted by Ms. Lane







Dominique Lawson – Dominique has shown the most improved attendance for the month of October.

Submitted by Mr. Mitchell







Brian BeattyBrian is constantly putting his best effort forward in every rehearsal. His drive to improve his musicianship is high. He displays daily the hard work and great rehearsal etiquette needed to be successful. He thoroughly enjoys choir and is a fantastic beatboxer and vocal percussionist.

Submitted by Mr. Buhl







Emily WilliamsEmily has grown a lot since I first had her as a freshmen.  I have seen her take school more seriously and work harder.  I do very much enjoy her sense of humor and how she pushes me for more answers when she does not understand.

Submitted by Mr. Moser







Charles Norton – Charles has performed very well in English 12 so far this year. What stands out most to me about him is his conscientiousness and his willingness to ask questions to get feedback on his work. He uses his class time well, and he’s an excellent participant in all of our class activities. And on top of all that, he’s a heck of a nice guy.

Submitted by Mr. Coffee






Jaren   Koenig – Jaren is ALWAYS on time and ready to work. He organizes himself to get the most out of his class time, and stays on task throughout. Jaren brings not only a great work ethic but a wonderful sense of humor to the classroom and models what it is to get things done. Way to go Jaren!

Submitted by Ms. Hays







Oryanna Nelson – For taking on new challenges like a rockstar, and being most improved in the demonstration of craftsmanship.


Submitted by Ms. Pointer






Seth Beres – Seth consistently submits excellent work. He asks great questions and is always on track. Seth is also a fantastic team player and takes an active role in group work.

Submitted by Ms. Forslund







David Rodriguez – David consistently has a good attitude and puts forth good effort.  He also demonstrates higher level thinking on history assignments.

Submitted by Mr. Patrick







Yudi Guzman-Dominguez is exhibiting all the traits of an AVID heart.  She has embraced the pressure that being an AVID student brings, but she has also taken advantage of the support AVID offers. She has utilized Academic Support before and after school as well as during her lunch time in order to improve her grades.  She has done all of this with a wonderful attitude and a smile to brighten anyone’s day.  I am proud of how she adapting to high so quickly.  Keep up the great work!  The future is yours. J

Submitted by Mr. Kloke