Syd Wood has been a great help as a Clerical Aid in the Career Center. She is dependable and skilled as well as helpful and courteous when dealing with staff and students. I can always count on projects being completed correctly and on time. Thanks for the help!

Submitted by Ms. Peters







Kylee Eastman-Moore has shown that she takes her opportunities and uses them to her benefit. If she’s absent she asks for notes. If she doesn’t understand something, she asks questions. If I’m busy with another student, she waits until it’s her turn. She has proven that freshmen can be successful, even if it’s a little challenging at times!

Submitted by Ms. Lambert






Braden Huhta is an extremely hard worker. He has a great attitude and loves to have fun.  He brings a great spirit to class and does a great job with listening and sportsmanship.

Submitted by Mr. Bakamus








Melaina Hayes demonstrates a high standard of excellence in her work. From assignments to menial tasks in the library, she fulfills her responsibilities with integrity. She takes initiative and completes tasks without being asked. Melaina is a person that could easily be trusted by teachers and organizations to accomplish what is required.

Submitted by Ms. Olson






Nevaeh Westfall is an extremely hard worker. This term she was rather ill and missed several weeks of school. Since that time she has worked hard through adversity and made up her missed work with excellence. It takes a special kind of grit to get through those situations and I want to acknowledge her effort and her kindness in class. She’s always polite, smiles, and goes unseen. But she is just a consistent rock of a student and person.

Submitted by Ms. Friesen






Cameron Scrichfield is a good writer and an analytical reader. His contributions to class not only demonstrate a high level of thinking, but they serve a solid example of student achievement to his peers.

Submitted by Mr. Phelps







Tao Arnold is a hard working student who has a great sense of humor. He is kind and respectful toward his teachers and classmates. He comes to school every day with a smile and a positive attitude.

Submitted by Ms. Henson







Alba Del Rio Merlo is the student of the month for photography.  Alba is one of our foreign exchange students and she is excelling in photography. She always goes above and beyond on her assignments, is creative, and has several photos on the wall for excellence. I am excited to see her growth and her future photos in the art show.

Submitted by Ms. Hauer






Miller Harman has a fun personality and great work ethic. Her contributions to class discussions and Socratic Seminars go beyond a typical freshman’s intellect. She works well independently as well as with other students. I appreciate her eagerness to learn and perform well in class each day.

Submitted by Ms. Kloke







Elijah Arnold is not one to worry about his grade all that much, but he does worry about learning. He is always asking questions and making profound connections with class material. It is great to know that there are young people like Mr. Arnold who are going to be taking over this world from us old codgers one day.

Submitted by Mr. Williams







Cindy Sieler is new to AVID this year and has been an outstanding addition. She is focused and helpful while in class and always seeks to clarify issues she may be having. She is diligent in her studies and continues to ask excellent questions.

Submitted by Mr. Ruhter







Tim Sears was selected because he has demonstrated an outstanding work ethic and positive attitude. ¡Muchas gracias!

Submitted by Ms. Alejandro