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Meet your Principals

Brooks Cooper
Brooks CooperPrincipal
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Robert Blackman
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Principal update

Welcome Back Monarchs 2017-2018

We’re looking forward to your return from summer break to kick off the 2017-18 school year! With your renewed energy, I invite you to ROAR WITH THE PRIDE-get yourself completely immersed in the school experience. Come prepared to give your best to yourself (first and foremost), to your teachers, and to your classmates. We count on all our returning students to set the bar for our student population and to welcome those who may be new to MMHS.

Our student leaders are already engaged and are ready for you to come back to school and get involved in making Mark Morris a place of success for all.  Student leaders have attended camps and training sessions this summer and are creating plans for you to have a fantastic school year!

Set Goals
Before you come back to school, reflect on your last school year. Whether you will be a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, set new goals for this school year and get after it to achieve them.

Campus clean up
This year, we’re launching “Adopt the Campus” for students to take more direct ownership of campus pride. Groups of four or more will “adopt” the parking lot and courtyards for two-week sessions to help keep our campus looking great. You can form your groups on your own, so get some friends together and be ready at the start of the school year to take your two-week shift of campus clean up. Let Monarch Pride begin with you!

School starts Wed, Aug. 30
A reminder about bell schedules—we will continue with alternative bell schedules on Wednesdays and Fridays. (The first day of school, however, will be from 7:55 a.m. — 2:25 p.m.)

Three Teachers Join MM
Please join me in welcoming our new teachers:
Betsy Brown (English)
Mary DeGraaf (ASL)
Sam Kell (CTE)

August 24th, 2017|
Mark Morris High School was built in 1957 and named after Samuel Mark Morris, one of the founders of Longview. Initially the school housed both junior and senior high school students, as well as some elementary classes. The first student body president was Joel Lanphear. As the student population in the district grew, a new junior high school was built and the elementary students were moved into other buildings. Mark Morris eventually became a three year high school and remained so until the end of the 70’s. In 1979 the Longview School District made the change from a Junior High/High School concept to Middle School/High School. Ninth grade has been a part of high school since that time.

The Mark Morris program has been characterized by a goal to serve all students equally well in the educational process. The dedication brochure states, “The essential objectives of this program are that it be: The richest possible program for all youth of the involved ages whether they are college bound or not.” The success of this philosophy is evidenced by the large number of successful young people who have gone through the educational experience offered at Mark Morris. Mark Morris underwent a major remodel in the late eighties, resulting in a beautiful “new” facility in which this philosophy continues to thrive.

Mark Morris students and staff are excited about learning, energized by their success and empowered by their partnerships with each other, parents and community.  Mark Morris students question, dream, invent and perform to the maximum of their ability, in a respectful atmosphere charged by caring, communication and cooperation.
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