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Students of The Month

Anakin Isenhart


Anakin is a focused and intentional young man who participates in his learning.   Anakin completes assignments with thoughtful content, and he participates in class discussion.  He keeps track of how he’s doing and asks appropriate questions about his grades.  He’s on the football team and I’ve never heard him use that time commitment as an excuse for not completing work.

Submitted by Ms. Kuhn

Ariel Hiebert


Ariel Hiebert was nominated for Student of the Month. Although Ariel is reserved, she actively participates in all classroom activities. Ariel also puts forth her best effort in everything does and is kind to others. Muchas gracias.

Submitted by Ms. Alejandro

Daniel Ramos Lopez


Daniel Ramos Lopez is an outstanding student.  He demonstrates perseverance and he has fantastic attendance.  Daniel demonstrates the skills needed to be a successful high school student and I really appreciate the work he is doing.

Submitted by Mr. Volk


Gianna Hoppie


I would like to nominate Gianna Hoppie for Student of the Month for Photography. Gianna has jumped in with both feet and is taking a ton of great photos including going to events, games and taking great photos.  She asks lots of questions about techniques and how to improve her photography.  She works well with her group, has lots of patience, and I am excited to see what see can do.

Submitted by Ms. Nofsinger


Grace Baxter


Grace has been a model student at Mark Morris High School. She is a positive leader of the volleyball team as well as in the classroom.  Grace certainly makes Mark Morris a better place just by her presence. Thank you, Grace for all you do.

Submitted by Mr. Whitright

Halie Carter


Halie exemplifies mathematical excellence, consistently demonstrating remarkable productivity and a profound understanding of mathematical concepts. Her unwavering helpfulness towards her peers and me as my Teacher’s Aid, along with her remarkable dependability, makes Halie a shining example of academic dedication and a deserving recipient of the Mathematics Student of the Month award.

Submitted by Ms. Shaw

Hazel Johnstone


My October student of the month is Hazel Johnstone. She has become the epitome of effort leading directly to success. Her daily habits of asking questions, participating in class discussions, and going above and beyond in her work has shown that if you work hard, quality results will follow. She has made the classroom a better environment for all that are present.

Submitted by Mr. Tilton

Isabelle Whiton


Izzy is the bubbly embodiment of AVID. She is driven and focused on school while also bringing compassion and kindness into the mix. The way in which she collaborates with her peers, they clamber to be in her group. She asks questions to get her group members thinking and solving problems.

Submitted by Ms. Brown

Liza Tep


Liza came to swim class a little unsure about the water, but with hard work and a great attitude she has transformed into one of the best swimmers in the class. The amount of growth she has shown in this short period of time is a testament to her work ethic and commitment to improve.

Submitted by Mr. Schantz

Sadie Burgess


CTE’s Student of the Month is Sadie Burgess. She’s stepped up this year to become the DECA President and is a true leader in the classroom. She has a passion for the school and wants everyone around her to be successful. She’s also been a huge help to a first-year teacher in getting DECA ramped up and successful.

Submitted by Mr. Kelly